Supported Child Development

What is the Supported Child Development Program?

Supported Child Development Program is an inclusive, family centered, community-based program that assists families who have children with extra support needs to access childcare that meets their family needs. Community programs include family and group daycares, preschools, playgroups, private care and after school programs. Inclusive childcare provides opportunities for all children to learn and grow in environments that meet individual strengths and needs. Benefits include increasing social skills, play skills, language, cognitive and motor skill development. Being inclusive means that all families have the same range of child care options. The family centered approach means that families choose the childcare option that best meets their needs. Families are actively involved in the planning and programming of their child's care needs.

Responsibilities and Activities

Child Development - Responsibilites & ActivitesOnce a child has been referred to the Supported Child Development Program, the Coordinator meets with the family to learn about their child, their concerns and their preferences for child care.

Supported Child Development Consultants are professionals who have the skills and knowledge in child development. They can assist you to enhance your child's development in these important years. Supported Child Development Employees are developmental specialists; typically they have their Special Needs, Early Childhood Education, or have related equivalent training. They have also taken additional training to identify and implement the strategies that will best meet the needs of each individual child.

The program works collaboratively with parents, child care providers, infant development consultants, therapists, social workers, behavioral consultants, school district special education staff, nurses and any other partners who may be working with a young child with special needs and their family.

Our support workers (one to one aides) work in community settings under the guidance of the child's team, to ensure children on the Supported Child Development Program can be included with their peers in every aspect of the childcare program.

Mandate and Mission

To support the principles of inclusion, family centered approach, individual planning, shared responsibility and community based service for children who require additional supports within child care settings.

Client Group

Children birth to 19th birthday with impairments, developmental delays or challenging behaviors who attend a child care setting; child care providers who are offering inclusive child care to their clients.

ServicesChild Development - Services

  • Assessment and consultation of child, family and centre needs
  • Offers workshops for education
  • Supply intermittent short or long term additional staffing to ensure inclusion can be obtained
  • Provides education and information to promote an inclusive environment
  • Provides toy and resource library
  • Assists with coordination and consultation with team members
  • Sets goals and strategies for individual children and centers
  • Referral to other services as appropriate
  • Monitors early learning community needs and adjusts services to meet those needs when possible

Who Can Benefit from the Supported Child Development Program?

Any child from birth to nineteen years of age who may need extra support to successfully attend their community child care environments. Children with developmental delays, cognitive and physical challenges as well as challenging behaviors and/or exceptional Health Care needs may benefit from the Supported Child Development Program.

Participation in community child care centers will help children who have extra support needs develop friendships and gain skills that they will be able to use throughout their lives.

Where Are Services Delivered?

Services are delivered in childcare settings, in family homes and in community programs.

How to Access the Supported Child Development Program at the Quesnel and District Child Development CentreHow to access the Supported Child Development Program

The Quesnel and District Child Development Centre has an open referral system. Any parent or professional with a concern about a child can call us to arrange for a screening. All referrals are accepted and will go through the intake committee where the appropriate action will be discussed.

Youth Action Group

Youth Action Group is a gathering of parents, service providers and youth who have special needs (Age 11-19).

This action group wants to create a safe, enriching place for youth who need extra supports, so they can take part in out-of-school activities.

These are  fun, supervised programs for youth with special needs and their friends.

Epic Group



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