Infant Development Program

What is the Infant Development Program?

Infant Development ProgramThe Infant Development Program provides an opportunity for parents of children from birth to three years of age to:

  • Learn ways to support their child's development
  • Meet other parents
  • Discuss parenting issues
  • Make the best use of other community resources and activities

It is also an opportunity for your baby to:

  • Become more independent
  • Discover abilities
  • Learn new skills

The Infant Development Program brings parents and professionals together to help infants and toddlers reach their full developmental potential. The program is family centered. This means that families decide on what supports they would like for their child. Between birth and three years of age, children develop at a rapid pace, and families play a vital role in their development. By providing a healthy, stimulating environment, at home and in the community, children can reach their full developmental potential.

Responsibilities and ActivitiesResponsibilities and Activities

Once you are referred to the program, a consultant will contact you and arrange an initial visit in your home or other location. Together you will plan activities to best meet your child and family's needs.

Infant development consultants are professionals who have extensive skills and knowledge in child development. They can assist you to enhance your child's development in these important years.

The Infant Development Program works closely with other Quesnel and District Child Development Centre programs and community agencies to ensure that you and your child receives the most effective service possible.

Mandate and Mission

To provide home based services for infants by assisting parents to make optimum use of available services, to enlarge their knowledge of those factors pertinent to the overall growth and development of their child and to learn skills which enable them to encourage the development of their child.

Client Group

Children from birth to three years of age identified at risk for developmental delay, developmentally delayed in one or more skill areas or with a diagnosed disability. Integrated groups are available to children and their families who are within the specified age range.


  • Developmental assessments
  • Home based consultation and home visits to encourage progress, develop new activities and support parents
  • Individual goal planning
  • Intervention/Education/Advocacy
  • Workshops and support groups
  • Therapy consultation
  • Toy and book lending library
  • Assistance for you and your child making the transition to preschool/daycare programs
  • Service coordination
  • Referral to and liaison with other services as appropriate
  • Groups
  • Infant Massage
    • To promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the community
    • Nurturing touch promotes parent/child bonding and secure attachment.
    • Birth to 12 months.
  • Parent/Child Mother Goose Program
    • Focuses on early literacy
    • A group experience for parents and their babies/toddlers, focusing on the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, and stories together.
    • Fosters healthy and strong attachment
    • Ages birth to 24 months.
  • Parents and Tots Play Group
    • Focuses on Early Intervention
    • A playgroup for toddlers and parents introducing children to a simple routine of freeplay, snack, circle time and art.
    • Activities encourage developmental skills in speech and language, gross and fine motor and personal and social skills.
    • Ages 24 to 36 months.

Who Can Benefit from the Infant Development Program?Who can benefit from the Infant Development Program

Any child under three years of age could benefit by attending a group program. A parent who has questions regarding their child's development or would like more information on typical development.

Where Are Services Delivered?

Services are delivered at the Quesnel and District Child Development Centre, at your home and in preschool/daycare settings.

How to Access the Infant Development Program at the Quesnel and District Child Development Centre

The Quesnel and District Child Development Centre has an open referral system, any parent or professional with a concern about a child can call the Centre to arrange for a screening. All referrals are accepted and will go though the intake committee where the appropriate action will be discussed. Parents interested in enrolling their children in any of our groups can contact the Infant Development Program at the Quesnel and District Child Development Centre at (250) 992-2481.

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