Healthy BabiesThe Quesnel and District Child Development Centre is pleased to offer a full spectrum of services.  These include:

Pregnancy Outreach Program: Provides support, information and services to help women have healthy pregnancies.  Our staff assist with strategies to promote nutritional health, early access to prenatal care, counseling and information regarding issues that affect prenatal health.

Infant Development Program: Provides home based services for infants and toddlers who have been identified as at risk for a developmental delay; that have a diagnosed disability or are showing a developmental delay in one or more skill areas.  Integrated groups are available to children and their families.

Physiotherapy Program: Provides service to children from birth to school age to promote normal development of movement and functional independence.  

Speech Language Program: Provides therapy to children from birth to school age who have questionable, delayed or impaired speech, language, communication and oral motor abilities and promote the healthy development of speech, language, communication, and oral motor development.

Supported Child Development: Provides services that make it possible for children with special needs to thrive within community based child care setting.

Occupational Therapy: Provides therapeutic intervention and consultation to promote the development of functional independence is  self-care, productivity and leisure activities.

Quesnel & District Child Development Centre

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